modern paintings orchids and stones on a black background multilivello e 3D

modern paintings orchids and stones on a black background multipanel e multilevel 3d. Printing in photograph quality. Multi-level panel with 2 levels. MADE IN ITALY.

Recommended: Modern flowers framework, squares with flowers, paintings flowers, modern paintings with orchids,

Support of MDF wood, 10 cm high, 2 cm thick, to be fixed to the wall + panels in MDF, cm 29x85 / 60 each, 12 mm thick, overlapping.First level: vertical panels with spacer, 2cm from the wall. Second level: horizontal panels with spacer, 1 cm from the vertical ones, all for a total of 5.4cm - all this gives more depth to the image. Handcrafted in Italy. Printing on opaque laminated paper, fixed on MDF wood panels. Easy to install: from 2 to 6 holes on the wall for the support, panels with interlocking mounting system onto the support. Printing in photo quality. Size of the box containing the painting: 90x33xh10 / 15cm.


Antonella S



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Bellissimo quadro. Appeso è perfetto. Di buona qualità e di facile montaggio. Lo consiglio a chi vuole qualcosa di particolare.