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Multi-level panel with 2 levels - the real three-dimensional

Support of MDF wood, 10 cm high, 2 cm thick, to be fixed to the wall + panels in MDF, cm 29x85 / 60 each, 12 mm thick, overlapping

First level: vertical panels with spacer, 2cm from the wall. Second level: horizontal panels with spacer, 1cm from the vertical ones, all for a total of 5.4cm - all this gives more depth to the image

Handcrafted in Italy

Printing on opaque laminated paper, fixed on MDF wood panels

Easy to install: from 2 to 6 holes on the wall for the support, panels with interlocking mounting system onto the support.

Printing in photo quality

Size of the box containing the painting: 90x33xh10 / 15cm

modern painting design three-dimensional bedroom living room drawing kitchen living room wall entry elegant large large xxl relief entrance panel industrial panel canvas panel vertical panel long and narrow panel large panel square panel living panel long vertical panel multi-panel panel horizontal panel panel panel bedroom panel for shop for bathroom for kitchen for living room square embossed office vertical office

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Non ho potuto verificare l'effetto dell'articolo perché ho sbagliato le misure. L'idea è comunque bella in se: a me è piaciuta

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    modern painting Abstract 13

    modern painting Abstract 13

    modern painting Abstract 13 multipanel e multilevel 3d

    Printing in photograph quality

    Multi-level panel with 2 levels